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Introducing Pesa (formerly Pesapeer)



Tolu osho

May 15, 2024

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Today, we are thrilled to announce we have a new brand look and we’re changing our name from Pesapeer to Pesa.

We understand that every transaction is more than just money transfers. Our customers are sending money back home to provide for loved ones, to solve a problem, or expand a business. For whatever reason, the entire process of sending and receiving money internationally is certainly too complicated, expensive and slow. Pesa is changing this and improving the process for you and every borderless nomad around the world. Here’s how it all began…

A few years ago,

The founders of Pesa (formerly Pesapeer), Tolu, Yusuf, and Clement came together to offer a better solution to people who sought a secure and affordable platform to send money from Canada to Nigeria. The name ‘Pesapeer’ was formed to basically describe the peer to peer means of transferring ‘money’ also known as Pesa in many languages.

When launched in 2021, the mission was clear: to build a platform that could bridge the gap between unfavourable exchange rates and unsafe informal money transfers.

Now, we’re helping our community of over 25,000 people receive and send money from Canada, Nigeria and the UK to 50 countries. We’re providing access to free, convenient, and instant transfers, for crucial moments.

Every day, someone somewhere around the world is leaving their home country to start a new job or get a degree in a new country. In 2022, there were 281 million international migrants globally. Millions of people are seeking ways to stay connected and a platform they can trust with their money in crucial moments. Today, Pesa is doing just that by improving the international money transfer experience - in time and without transaction fees. Receiving and sending money to over 50 countries, managing multiple currencies with a multi-currency wallet, and converting currencies will always be seamless with Pesa.

Honouring the past, looking into the Future: Pesapeer is now Pesa.


Today, we’re shedding the old and embracing the new while being inspired by our growth. Keeping our community at the centre of our rebranding efforts, we have improved our products and services, changed our name, logo, colours and will be offering our customers something more - Pesa Referral (available for users in Canada and the UK)

What to expect

A change in the brand name, logo, mobile app interface, website, logo icon - the open door symbolising a borderless, smaller world -. You’ll also notice a change in our typography, style and colours. With these changes, one thing is certain, your international money transfer Pesa experience will remain instant, free, and seamless with exceptional support wherever you are.

Pesa (formerly Pesapeer) is growing, and we are excited to embark on this next phase with you- our borderless nomads - as we continue to localise your global money transfer experience.

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