Our Terms and Conditions:

Effective Date: 1st July 2023

Who we are

Pesapeer Limited is a company incorporated and licensed under the laws of the United Kingdom, (company number 14047682) with its Registered Office located at 82 King Street, Manchester, England, M2 4W


These Terms of Use (these “Terms”) represent an agreement between you and Pesapeer Incorporated (“Pesapeer”) and contain the terms and conditions governing your use of and access to our website at www.pesapeer.com and all
affiliated websites owned and operated by us (collectively, the “Website”) and our products, services, and applications (together with the Website, the “Services”).

“You” and “your” mean the person who uses or accesses the Services.
“We,” “us,” and “our” mean Pesapeer Incorporated and its successors, affiliates, and assignees.

“Payment Account” means any source of funds that you may from time to time use for the funding of your e-money wallet as provided by AF Payments, including a bank account or debit or prepaid card account. The Payment Account must be
issued or held in your name at a depository institution in your country.

“Application” or “app” means the technology made available by Pesapeer to you on your mobile phone or other electronic device by which you may access and use the Service.

“Recipient” means the person to whom you send money using the technology made
available by Pesapeer.

“Remittance” means the transfer of funds that you request and authorize Pesapeer to process through the Application for payment to your Recipient.

“Service” means the transfer of funds from you to your Recipient through the Application, and activities related to that transfer.

The Agreement

Your use of and access to the Services are subject at all times to these Terms and our Privacy Policy. Please read these Terms and our Privacy Policy carefully. By using or accessing the Services, you represent that you have read and understand these Terms and our Privacy Policy, and you agree to be bound by these Terms and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of these Terms and our Privacy Policy, do not use or access the Services.

Subject to the terms of the Agreement, we agree to provide the Services to you using reasonable care. You may use the Application only to send a Remittance to a Recipient located in a country where Pesapeer’s payment services are provided (this will be designated on the Application from time to time). The funds will be made available for receipt by the Recipient after remittance has been processed by Pesapeer and its designated service providers.

All UK customers will be opening an e-money wallet with AF Payments and you are subject to  terms and conditions of AF Payments which   under the United Kingdom Terms and Condition. You must not use the Services in connection with illegal activity including but not limited to money-laundering, fraud and the funding of terrorist organisations. If we reasonably believe you are using the Portal or our Services in connection with illegal activity or for any fraudulent purpose, or are permitting a third party to do so, we are obligated to report you to the appropriate legal authorities.

No fiduciary or escrow relationship is created between you and Pesapeer as a result of your use of the Service. Pesapeer provides a remittance service only; the funds that you direct Pesapeer to pay to your Recipient are not held by Pesapeer as a deposit or in escrow, and Pesapeer is not holding or processing your Remittance as a fiduciary. Pesapeer’s only obligation is to pay your Remittance to your Recipient or to return the principal amount of the Remittance to you.

The Service is generally available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, although there may be times when the Service is unavailable to you or to your Recipient. Periods of unavailability may be caused by Pesapeer’s own acts (such as temporary periods when the Service is taken off-line to make upgrades or improvements), or by events beyond Pesapeer’s control, such as power outages, telecommunications failures, war or civil unrest, natural disasters or other acts of God. Pesapeer may from time to time set limits on the value of Remittances you may send (both individually and over a period of time), as well as the value of Remittances any Recipient may receive. Pesapeer may delay payment of your Remittance to allow Pesapeer to determine that your Remittance complies with applicable law, regulation or Pesapeer policies. Pesapeer has the right, without notice to you, to refuse to accept or pay any Remittance that Pesapeer determines in our sole discretion may violate applicable law, regulation or our policies, including laws, regulations and policies intended to help detect and prevent money-laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and other abuses of financial services; if we accept a Remittance and then determine that it may violate any such law, regulation or policy, we may hold the Remittance until such time that the matter is resolved.


To use the Services, you must:

  • accept and agree to these Terms and our Privacy Policy;
  • register with us to create an account (“User Account”);
  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • be a resident of any origination country approved by Pesapeer and have a Payment Account in your name in the approved origination country; and
  • provide all information requested by us, such as your full name, address, email address, telephone number, occupation, location, date of birth, means of identification, personal description, photograph, online credentials for your Bank Account, and such other information or documentation as we may request from time to time that will allow us to verify your identify (collectively, “User Information”).

You will choose a user identifier, which may be your email address or another term, as well as a password. You may also provide personal information, including, but not limited to, your full name, address, email address, and telephone number. You agree not to create more than one registration without our prior written permission. You are responsible for safeguarding your password and other User Account information. You agree not to disclose your password to any third party, and you will notify us immediately if your password is lost or stolen or if you suspect any unauthorized use of your User Account. You represent and warrant that all User Information you provide us from time to time is truthful, accurate, current, and complete, and you agree not to misrepresent your identity or your User Information. You agree to promptly notify us of changes to your User Information by updating your Pesapeer User Account; provided, however,that you must notify us at least three Business Days before by emailing support@pesapeer.com or by updating your Pesapeer User Account via the mobile app. If we approve your registration, you will be authorized to use theServices, subject to these Terms. Providing false or inaccurate information orusing the Website or Services to further fraud or unlawful activity is grounds for immediate termination of this Agreement.

Pesapeer’s ability to verify your identity is important to your use of the Service, you therefore authorize Pesapeer to obtain information about you from third parties (including financial institutions and credit reporting agencies), although Pesapeer has no obligation to do so. We reserve the right to prohibit you from using the Service or to stop your requested Remittance if you do not provide accurate and complete information during registration or when requesting a Remittance. Inaccurate and/or incomplete information provided by you during registration or when requesting a Remittance may cause errors in your requested Remit.

Terms and Conditions for the UK E-Money accounts

Your Pesapeer Account and/or Mastercard® Card Terms and Conditions- Applicable to customers in the United Kingdom

These Terms and Conditions apply to:
Your Account only (if you only have an E-Money Account issued by AF Payments Ltd); or Your Account and Card (if You have an E-Money Account and Card(s) issued by AF Payments Ltd.); orYour Card only (if You only have a Card issued by AF Payments Ltd.) In this case  You should refer to Your External E-money Account provider’s T&Cs for all terms relating to Your External E-money Account.

You must read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By using Your Account and/or Your Card You will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. If You do not accept these Terms and Conditions, You should not use Your Account or Your Card.Your Card and Card Account is issued by, and Your Card is the property of AFPayments Limited (registered number 09356276), 33 Lowndes Street, LondonSW1X 9HX. AF Payments Limited is an electronic money issuer regulated bythe  Financial  Conduct  Authority under registration number  FRN: 900440.Your Card is not transferable.If you have any queries or complaints please contact customer services (see details below).

  1. Definitions
    “Account” means the electronic money account held by You with Us and to which Your Card(s) may be linked.
    “App” means the Pesapeer mobile application which is available online as a Web App and/or for download from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Market.
    “Authentication” means entering an OTP code and Your password and/or completing biometric authentication using fingerprint or facial recognition using Your mobile device.  
    “Pesapeer” means Pesapeer LTD.
    “Business Day” means any day (other than a Saturday or Sunday) on which banks are open in London for normal banking business.
    “Card” means the Mastercard® Prepaid or Debit card issued to You in the form   of   a   plastic,   digital   and/or   virtual   card,   under   these   Terms   and Conditions.
    “Card and Account ID Information” means any and all of the following pieces of information relating to Your Card and/or Account: Your Card details (Card number, expiry date and CVV code), Your PIN, information You use to log in
    to   Your   Account,   information   You   use   to   log   in   to   the   App,   and   any credentials and information specific to Your Account and/or Card.

    “Customer Services” can be contacted on:
    Email: support@pesapeer.com
    Phone: +44 (0) 161 552 8525 8am – 8pm UK time
    Lost or Stolen Cards: Reporting in Pesapeer App, 24/7
    “Fees Table” means the table of fees and charges applicable to the Card and/or Account as set out on the Website.
    “Mastercard” means Mastercard International of New York or its successors or assigns.
    “Merchant”   means   a   retailer   or   any   other   person   or   firm   or   company providing   goods   and   /or   services   that   accepts   cards   displaying   the Mastercard® acceptance symbol in payment for such goods and /or services.
    “PIN” means the personal identification number which We may issue or approve to be used with Your Card.
    “Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions together with the Fees Table and any supplementary terms and conditions and amendments to them that We may notify You of from time to time.
    “TPP”   means   a   Third-Party   Provider   who   is   properly   authorised   by   a regulatory   authority   to   provide   account   information   services   and/or payment initiation services.
    “Transaction” means any cash withdrawal, purchase of goods and/or services (as appropriate) completed by You using Your Card or Account, or any action which alters the balance of Your Account or Your External E-money Account,
    including a redemption instruction.
    “Us” or “We” or “Our” means AF Payments Limited.
    “Website” means [www.pesapeer.com/europe/uk].
    “You” or “Your” means the person entering into these Terms and Conditions with Us.

    2. Fees

    2.1 Your use of Your Card and/or Account is subject to the fees and charges set out in the Fees Table. These fees and charges are part of these Terms and Conditions. Any or all of these fees/charges may be waived or reduced at Our discretion. Our fees/charges may change over time; if soWe   will   notify   You   in   advance   of   such   changes   in   accordance   withSection 3.1. Your banking provider may charge a fee for the transfer of funds and/or additional ATM fees may be charged by the ATM provider.Any such fees would be in addition to the fees set out in the Fees Table.

    2.2 Fees and charges will be paid from Your Account or Your External E-money Account at such time as they are incurred.   You must ensureYour Account balance or Your External E-money Account balance is sufficient   to   cover   the   cost   of   any   Transaction   and   any   associated fees/charges.

    3. These Terms and Conditions
    3.1 We may change these Terms and Conditions including changing existing fees, introducing new fees, or adding or removing functionality, from time to time. Where required, we will provide You with at least two months’ notice before the proposed change comes into effect, however changes that relate to exchange rates shall come into effect immediately if so stated in the change notice. All such changes will be posted on theWebsite with a link to the amended terms and conditions and shall be notified to You either by (i) sending an email to the email address registered with Your Account and/or Card, (ii) writing to You at the postal   address   registered   with   Your   Account   and/or   Card   or   (iii)requesting that You accept the amended terms and conditions when You access the Website.

    3.2. The up-to-date version of these Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Website. You should check the Website regularly so that You can seethe latest version. You will be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any amendments made to them. We recommend that You print off a copy of these Terms and Conditions to keep for Your records.

    3.3. You will be taken to have accepted any change We notify to You unlessYou tell us that You do not agree to it prior to the relevant change taking effect. In such circumstance, We will treat Your notice to Us as notification that You wish to terminate these Terms and Conditions immediately   and,   where   You   have   an   Account,   We   will   refund   the balance on Your Account. If you do this, You will not be charged a refund fee.

    4. Scope of these Terms and Conditions
    4.1 These   Terms   and   Conditions   govern   Your   use   of   Your   Card   and/orAccount. The funds for all Transactions are held in Your Account or YourExternal E-money Account and no interest will be paid on these funds where You hold an Account with Us. When You make a Transaction usingYour Card or Account the value of the Transaction plus any associated fees payable will be deducted from Your Account or Your External E-money Account and used to complete the Transaction.

    4.2. The funds loaded into Your Account are known as electronic money.You can only spend to the value of the funds that are loaded into YourAccount.

    4.3 Your Card is a Prepaid or Debit card. Your Card is not a credit card or a charge card. All Cards are issued by Us pursuant to a licence fromMastercard®.

    4.4. Although   Our   activities   are   regulated   by   the   Financial   ConductAuthority,   neither   Your   Card   nor   Your   Account   is   covered   by   the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. However, the funds in Your Account are safeguarded by Us in accordance with the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, which means that they are kept separate from Our assets so in the unlikely event We become insolvent, Your funds remain safe from Our creditors.

    5. Card and Account issuance
    5.1. To apply for an Account and/or Card You must be at least 18 years old.Before We can set up an Account for you and/or issue You a Card, We will need to know some information about You. We will check Your identity and where You live. We may use third parties to obtain this information and carry out checks on Our behalf, this may include using credit reference agencies. However, a credit check is not performed andYour credit rating will not be affected.

    5.2. We reserve the right to refuse to set up an Account or issue You a Card.

    5.3. If You have any problems with Your Account or Card please contactCustomer Services.

    5.4. If You receive a plastic Card, You must sign it as soon as You receive it and activate it. Activation instructions are set out on the packaging thatYour Card is attached to, or in the App. Your Card cannot be used until this is done. A virtual Card can be used immediately upon receipt and does not need to be activated.  

    6. Loading Your Card/Account and requesting redemption
    6.1. Funds can be loaded on to Your Account by You from your Bank Account using OpenBanking. Depending on the method You use to load YourAccount, a fee may be charged (see the Fees Table for details). Provided that there are sufficient funds in Your Account to cover any applicable fees, the funds will be credited to the Account balance once they have been received by Us.

    6.2. Limits apply to the number of times Your Account may be loaded in a day. Minimum and maximum load limits also apply, and these are set out in the Fees Table. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any particular load Transaction.

    6.3 You have the right to redeem the funds in Your Account at any time in whole or in part up until the date that is 6 years after the expiry date or the termination date of the contract.  To do so, please contact Customer Services. We will only redeem funds to a bank account in Your name. We may   ask   You   to   provide   Us   with   documents,   evidence   and   other information to verify Your identity or to enable Us to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.  

    6.4  We may charge You a fee (see Fees Table) to cover redemption costs on each occasion that You redeem if You redeem all or part of Your balance at the following times:
    a. where redemption is requested before termination of these Terms andConditions; or
    b. where redemption is requested more than one year after termination of these Terms and Conditions.

    7.Use of Your Account, Your Card and the App
    7.1. You   can   use   Your   Card   to   purchase   goods   and   services   anywhereMastercard® is accepted. You may also be able withdraw cash at an ATM or over the counter at a financial institution displaying the Mastercard®logo, subject to there being sufficient funds allocated to Your Card and the Merchant, ATM supplier or financial institution being able to verify this online. You must keep Your PIN and other Card and Account IDInformation safe and ensure that You log out of the App after using it.

    7.2. There are spending and withdrawal limits for the use of Your Card and/or Account; please see the Fees Table for details.

    7.3. Be aware that some ATM providers charge additional fees for the use of their ATMs and some Merchants add a surcharge for using certain types of cards. You may also be subject to their terms and conditions of business. It is Your responsibility to check before proceeding with Your Transaction.

    7.4  We reserve the right to decline any Transaction at Our discretion.
    a. We may at any time suspend, restrict or cancel Your Card or Account or refuse to issue or replace a Card for reasons relating to the following:
    i. We are concerned about the security of Your Card orAccount;
    ii. We suspect Your Card or Account is being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner;
    iii. We   need   to   do   so   to   comply   with   applicable   laws, regulations or Mastercard rules; or
    iv. You   break   an   important   part   of   these   Terms   andConditions or repeatedly break any term in these Terms and Conditions and fail to resolve the matter in a timely manner.
    b. If We take any of the steps referred to above in Section

    7.4a., We will tell You as soon as We can or are permitted to do so either before or after We have taken such steps.We may ask You to stop using Your Card and/or Account and return the Card to Us or destroy the Card.  We will issue You with a replacement Card or re-activate Your Card if, after further investigations, We believe that the relevant circumstances no longer apply or exist.
    c. We may also decline to authorise a Transaction:
    i. if We suspect Your Card or Account is being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner;
    ii. if sufficient funds are not loaded on Your Card/Account or are not available in Your External E-money Account at the time of a Transaction to cover the amount of theTransaction and any applicable fees; or
    iii. if We believe that a Transaction will break the law.
    d. If   We   refuse   to   authorise   a   Transaction,   We   will,   if practicable, tell You why immediately unless it would be unlawful for Us to do so. You may correct any informationWe   hold   and   which   may   have   caused   Us   to   refuse   a Transaction by contacting Customer Services.  e. We shall not be liable if a Merchant refuses to accept Your Card or if We do not authorise a Transaction, or if We cancel or suspend use of Your Card or Account. Unless otherwise required by law, We shall not be liable for any loss or damage You may suffer as a result of Your inability to use Your Card or Account for a Transaction.

    7.5. You must not spend more money on Your Card and/or Your Account than You have available in Your Account and/or on a Card. You are responsible   for   ensuring   that   You   have   sufficient   funds   when   You authorise a Transaction.   If You do not do this it may result in an overspend on Your Card and/or Account. If this occurs You must pay the overspend   back   to   Us   immediately.   We   will   take   any   such   action seriously and take any steps necessary to enforce any actions against You.

    7.6. You agree that once We notify You of any such overspend by whatever means You must repay it immediately. We reserve the right to deduct an amount equivalent to the overspend from any other Cards or Accounts that   You   hold   with   Us   or   from   any   other   payment   instrument   You designate   to   Your   Account   and   against   any   funds   which   You subsequently paid into Your Account or which are received into Your Account. We may suspend Your Card or Account and any other Cards connected to You until we are reimbursed the overspend amount.

    7.7. You must not spend more money on Your Card than You have available in Your External E-money Account.

    7.8 In   certain   sectors,   Merchants   such   as   car   hire   companies,   hotels, restaurants and other service providers will estimate the sum of money You may spend or for which You require authorisation. The estimate may be for greater than the amount You spend or are charged, for example:
    a. at restaurants You may be required to have a maximum of 20% more on Your Card than the value of the bill to allow
    for any service charge added by the restaurant;
    b. at “pay at pump” petrol pumps (if applicable) You may be required   to   have   an   amount   equal   to   the   maximum
    Transaction value permitted at the pump in Your in Your Account or Your External E-money Account or available on
    Your Card. This means that some of the funds on Your Card/Account may be held for up to 30 days until the Merchant has
    settled the Transaction amount and, accordingly, You will not be able to spend this estimated sum during this period.
    We cannot release such sum without authorisation from the Merchant.
    Merchants may not be able to authorise a Transaction if they cannot obtain online authorisation from Us. Any refunds for goods or services purchased with Your Card may only be returned as a credit to the Card.You are not entitled to receive refunds in cash.7.9. We accept no responsibility for the goods or services purchased by You with Your Card and/or Account. All such disputes must be addressed directly with the Merchant providing the relevant goods or services.Once   You   have   authorised   Your   Card   and/or   Account   to   make   a purchase, We cannot stop that Transaction. However, where You have used Your Card and/or Account to buy goods or services You may have a claim against the Merchant if the goods or services are unsatisfactory, not   supplied,   supplied   only   in   part   or   do   not   match   the   supplier’s description. You must notify Us of any dispute within 60 days of the purchase and the chargeback will only be applied to Your Card/Account and/or Your External E-money Account if successfully secured from theMerchant.  If You wrongly make a chargeback claim, We will be entitled to charge You any fees We reasonably incur in pursuing the chargeback claim and We will be entitled to debit Your Account or Your External E-money Account with the amount of any such fees.

    7.10. Authorising Transactions:
    a. A Transaction will be regarded as authorised by You, either at the point of sale by following the instructions provided by   the   Merchant,   or   for   a   redemption   instruction   by following the instructions provided by Customer Services, which includes:
    i. entering   Your   PIN   or   providing   any   other   security code;
    ii. signing a sales voucher;
    iii. providing the Card details and/ or providing any other details as requested;
    iv. waving or swiping the Card over a card reader;
    v. inserting a Card and entering Your PIN to request a cash withdrawal at an ATM;
    vi. making a request for a cash advance at any bank counter; and
    vii. entering a one-time passcode in the App which we will send to the mobile number that You have registered with Us.
    b. a Transaction made using Your Account will be regarded as authorised by You when You follow the instructions in yourApp relating to the Transaction and click on the ‘submit’ or other equivalent button to indicate your authorisation for Us to execute the Transaction.
    c. Authorisation for a Transaction may not be withdrawn (or revoked)   by   You   after   the   time   We   have   received   it.However, any Transaction which is agreed to take place ona   date   later   than   the   date   it   was   authorised   may    if You give notice to the Merchant (providing a copy of the notice to Us) as long as notice was provided no later than the close of business on the Business Day before the Transaction was due to take place. We may charge You a fee if a Transaction is revoked by You under this Section(see the Fees Table for details).

    7.11. We reserve the right to apply a monthly maintenance charge, if we do, the amount will be set out in the Fees Table. You are responsible for allTransactions and fees charged to Your Card/ Account or External E-money Account.

    7.12. You can use the App to do various things relating to Your Account and/or Card(s). including allocating funds to Your Account, managingYour Card and/or Account, viewing recent Transactions, viewing Your balances,   viewing   and   setting   Account   and/or   Card   spending   limits, changing   or   requesting   the   reset   of   Your   Card   and   Account   IDInformation.   For   more   information   on   using   the   App   and   on   the functionality of the App, please visit the Website.  

    8. Transactions made in foreign currencies
    8.1 Your Account or Card is denominated in GBP. If You use Your Card to purchase goods or services or withdraw cash in a currency other than the currency of Your Account or Your External E-money Account, then such Transaction will be converted to the currency of Your Account orYour External E-money Account on the day We receive details of it. Wewill use Mastercard ® authorised rates applicable for such a Transaction see www.mastercard.com/global/currencyconversion.   A   foreign exchange fee will also apply (see the Fees Table for details).  If You only have   an   Account,   You   will   not   be   able   to   make   Transactions   in   a currency other than the currency of Your Account.

    9. Disputed Transactions
    9.1. You may be entitled to claim a refund in relation to Transactions made using Your Card and/or Account where:
    a. the Transaction was not authorised under these Terms and Conditions;
    b. We are responsible for a Transaction which was incorrectly executed and notified to Us in accordance with Section 14 below;
    c. a   pre-authorised   Transaction   did   not   specify   the   exact amount at the time of its authorisation and the amount charged by a Merchant is more than You could reasonably have   expected   taking   into   account   normal   spending patterns   on   the   Card   or   the   circumstances   of   the Transaction.   However,   a   claim   for   a   refund   in   this circumstance will not be accepted if the amount of  the Transaction was made known to You at least four weeks before the Transaction date or if the claim is made more than eight weeks after being debited to Your Account or External E-money Account;
    d. We were notified of the unauthorised/incorrectly executedTransaction within 13 months of the debit date of suchTransaction.

    9.2. If any of the above circumstances apply in relation to a Transaction, You should   also   contact   the   Merchant   as   this   may   lead   to   a   quicker resolution of the dispute.

    9.3 You can also ask Us to investigate the Transaction or misuse of YourCard or Account. We will immediately process a refund of the amount of the disputed Transaction. We may need more information and assistance from You to carry out such investigation.

    9.4. If We refund a disputed Transaction to Your Account or External E-money Account and subsequently receive information to confirm that the Transaction was authorised by You and correctly posted to Your Account or External E-money Account, We shall deduct the amount of the disputed Transaction from the funds in Your Account or External E-
    money Account. If there are no or insufficient funds then the provisions regarding overspend on Your Account or External E-money Account (seeSection 7.6) will apply.

    9.5. If Our investigations discover that the disputed Transaction was genuine and authorised by You directly or indirectly, or that You have acted fraudulently   or   with   gross   negligence,   We   may   charge   You   an investigation fee (see the Fees Table for details).

    10. Card expiry and damaged and new Cards
    10.1Your Card is valid for the period stated on the Card, unless its use is terminated   earlier   by   Us   in   accordance   with   these   Terms   and Conditions. You will not be able to use Your Card once it has expired. We may renew Your Card when it expires so that You may continue to use the funds in Your Account. A Fee may apply (see the Fees Table for details). We reserve the right to decline to issue a replacement Card.

    10.2 If You do not request, or we have not provided You with, a new Card following expiry of Your Card, any funds in Your Account will remain for a period of six years from the Card expiry date. Your Account may be subject to a monthly maintenance charge (see the Fees Table for details). You may contact Customer Services to request Your funds be returned to You at any time within the six year period. The funds cannot be provided   to   You   in   the   form   of   cash   (notes   and   coins).   Any   funds remaining in Your Account after six years will not be refunded.

    10.3 Once Your Card has expired, You will no longer be able to use the Card to make Transactions from Your Account / External E-money Account.

    10.4 If You ask, We may replace a damaged Card.  If We do this a fee may apply (see the Fees Table for details). You will be asked to provide Us with Your Card number and other information so that We can identify

    11. Refunds from Merchants
    11.1 If You receive a refund of sums paid for goods and services on Your Card back from a Merchant, the refund amount will be added to the balance in Your Account or Your External E-money Account.

    12. Keeping Your Card, Your Card Account and Your Card Account ID Information safe
    12.1 You must keep Your Card, Your Account and Your Card and Account ID Information safe. Your Card and Your Card and Account ID Information are personal to You and You must not give them to anyone else to use. You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent fraudulent use of Your Card, Your Account and Your Card and Account ID Information.
    You are however permitted to give certain of Your Card and Account ID Information to a TPP to enable them to access Your Account.

    12.2 You should treat the value on Your Card and/or Account like cash in a wallet.  If Your Card is lost of stolen or there is unauthorised use of Your Card   or   Account,   You   may   lose   some   or   all   of   the   value   on   Your Card/Account in the same way as if You lost cash.

    12.3  You will receive a PIN for Your Card and You must keep Your PIN safe. This means that when You receive Your PIN You must memorise it. You must keep Your PIN secret at all times. You must not disclose Your PIN to anyone including friends, family or Merchant staff.

    12.4 If You suspect that someone else knows Your PIN or any other Card and Account ID Information (other than a TPP knowing certain of Your Card and   Account   ID   Information),   You   must   contact   Customer   Services immediately. If You forget Your PIN You can access it when You log on to Your App.

    12.5 You must keep Your Card and Account ID Information secure, as it provides access to Your Card and/or Account details and Your Card PIN.

    13. Lost   or   stolen   Cards   or   Card   and   Account   ID   Information, unauthorised Transactions and liability
    13.1  If You think that:
    a.  You have lost any of Your Card and Account ID Information, or they have been stolen; or
    b.  if You believe that any Transaction is unauthorised, has been posted in error or is otherwise incorrect; or
    c.  a Transaction which has not been executed or has been incorrectly executed by Us, then You must let Us know immediately and in any case no later than 13 months   after   the   debit   date,   by   contacting   Customer   Services.     If requested to, You must also write to Us within seven days to confirm the loss, theft or possible misuse.   You may be required to help Us, Our agents or any enforcement agency, at Our request, if Your Card or Card and Account ID Information is lost or stolen or if We suspect Your Card or Account is being misused.

    13.2 If Your Card is reported lost or stolen We will cancel it and may issue a new one. A fee may apply (see the Fees Table for details).  If You find Your Card after You have reported it lost, stolen or misused, You must destroy it and inform Us immediately by contacting Customer Services.

    13.3 Subject to sections 13.4 and 13.5, You shall be entitled to a refund in the amount of an unauthorised Transaction or a Transaction incorrectly executed by Us and, where applicable, restoration of Your Account or External E-money Account to the state it would have been in had the unauthorised   or   incorrectly   executed   Transaction   not   taken   place,
    provided You have notified Us of the Transaction in question without undue delay and in any case no later than 13 months after the debit date   (save   where   We   have   failed   to   provide   or   make   available   the required Transaction information to You). Any undue delay in making a notification may result in You being liable for any losses as a result.  We
    will make the refund to Your Account immediately unless We have any reason  to  believe  that  the  incident  may  have  been  caused  by  Your breach of these Terms and Conditions, Your negligence or if We have reasonable   grounds   to   suspect   that   it   has   been   caused   by   Your fraudulent   behaviour,   deception   or   other   wrongdoing   perpetrated   by You.

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