Unlock the world with a multi-currency wallet

Imagine a world without borders. A world where managing multiple currencies is effortless — securely hold, send, and receive money in various currencies, all within a single wallet.

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Feel Local Wherever You Choose to Go

Whether you're a global traveler, an individual living abroad, or just a curious explorer, with a Multi-currency Wallet you can stay connected with people and places in crucial financial moments. Enjoy instant money transfers, fair exchange rates, and access to funds wherever you go.

Requesting a Multi-currency Wallet is Easy

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Create a free account

Create a free Pesa account and verify your identity


Fund your wallet

From your bank app, send money directly to your Pesa wallet for free via Interac


Send money

Enter your amount, choose a recipient, and hit send money. And that's all.

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Your Passport to a Smaller, more Accessible World

With the Pesa debit cards, you can effortlessly navigate the global landscape and embrace new experiences without the hassle of currency exchange. The Pesa debit card is more than just a financial tool — it’s a bridge that keeps you close to the worlds you care most about.

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Crucial moments, call for crucial security

  • We use 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to implement additional layers of authentication to verify the payer's identity during a transaction.
  • We also utilize secure communication protocols, like SSL and secure network configurations to protect transmitted data.
  • We are PCI-DSS Compliant: We adhere to industry standards and compliance requirements, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

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