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How much does it cost
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Enjoy sending money to Canada without any charges – yes, it's completely free! Keep more of your money with every transfer.

Total Transparency, Complete Control Goodbye to hidden fees and unexpected charges – with us, what you see is what you get.
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How long does a money transfer to Canada take?

Money transfers to Canada are instant. Send money to Canada from United kingdom with Pesa and have your recipient receive it in just a few minutes.

Sometimes, transfer delivery times may differ due to bank processing times, holidays, regulations. These factors may be beyond our control but we’ll keep you informed. So, no worries! Sending money to Canada will always be seamless, swift and secure.

How to send money to Canada in 4 simple steps

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Create a FREE account

Download the Pesa app for free from Google Play or App store. All you need is an email address and a valid phone number.


Enter the amount to send

Fund your Pesa Pound Sterling (GBP) e-wallet and enter the amount you want to send. We charge Zero(0) FEES on all international money transfers SERIOUSLY.


Add beneficiary info

Enter your Canada beneficiary Canadian Dollar/CAD bank account or mobile wallet information.


You Send GBP, They Receive CAD

Sit back and relax as we take it up from here with same day or instant delivery within minutes.

Save when you send money to Canada

Sending money from United kingdom to Canada using Pesa comes with Zero FEES. YES, COMPLETELY FREE!
We also don't charge you for instant funds delivery (Where applicable) or same day delivery.

When you send (GBP) Recipient receives (CAD)
500 GBP 862.51 CAD
600 GBP 1,035.01 CAD
750 GBP 1,293.76 CAD
1000 GBP 1,725.02 CAD
1500 GBP 2,587.52 CAD
2000 GBP 3,450.03 CAD
3000 GBP 5,175.05 CAD
When you send (GBP) Recipient receives (CAD)
4000 GBP 6,900.06 CAD
5000 GBP 8,625.08 CAD
6000 GBP 10,350.09 CAD
7000 GBP 12,075.11 CAD
8000 GBP 13,800.12 CAD
9000 GBP 15,525.14 CAD
10000 GBP 17,250.16 CAD

Why use Pesa to Send Money To Canada?


Best Exchange Rates

Competitive rates for maximum value. Today and always



Enjoy instant or same-day money transfer


No transaction fees

Zero costs and No Hidden Fees - on all transactions



Simple. Smooth. Seamless conversions - all with the Pesa app

FAQs about sending money to Canada

You've got questions? We've got answers

Best way to send money to Canada?
The best way to send money to Canada is with Pesa. Pesa is a digital Cross-border financial service provider offering a convenient way to send and receive money internationally at the best exchange rates in the market. It is a platform that allows you to seamlessly transfer funds between 35+ countries, with every transaction being secure, instant and at no charge. Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play Store, and get started!
How much can I send to Canada online?
Transaction limits vary based on where you are sending money to and from. For instance, the daily transaction limit if you are transferring NGN to CAD is $3000 CAD. The daily transaction limit for CAD to other currencies (GBP, NGN, INR, PKR, GHS, EUR, etc) is $10,000, and a minimum of $50.
How long does it take to send money to Canada?
Pesa transfers go through in seconds! However, we advise our customers to wait for up to 35 minutes for most currencies and up to 1 hour for CAD to INR transactions. If after this time funds haven't been received by your beneficiary, please contact our support team via live chat on your Pesa app or the Pesa website.
How much does it cost to send money to Canada with Pesa?
There is no FEE attached when you make a transfer. Pesa does not charge any fees for transactions. It offers free transfers, making it a cost-effective option for sending and receiving money across borders.

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