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Fees and Hidden Costs in Money Transfers: What You Need to Know



Tolu osho

May 15, 2024

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Fees and Hidden Costs in Money Transfers: What You Need to Know

In this article, we’ll talk about:

  1. What are money transfer fees?
  2. How do bank fees compare to fees from money transfer services?
  3. How to choose a money transfer service
  4. Four types of money transfer fees
  5. How to save money on your international money transfer fees
  6. What are Pesa’s money transfer fees?

With an array of money transfer service providers, sending money internationally may not be so difficult in 2024 but it can certainly be extremely expensive. This is why understanding the fee structure and possible hidden costs associated with money transfers abroad is super important.

Now, whether you're supporting family overseas, paying for services, or conducting business, being aware of the costs involved in these transactions is essential in helping you save money on your transfers abroad.

In this guide, we’ll take a close look at what transfer fees are, the different types, and share tips on how to save money on your international money transfer fees. This will include Pesa, which only offers you $0 on all transfers abroad and the best exchange rates you’ll find in the market.

What are Money Transfer Fees?

When you transfer money abroad, there is usually a cost attached to it. Banks have their fees as well as some international money transfer service providers. These fees will vary depending on things like the service provider, the amount of money transferred, and the destination. This fee can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the total sum you’re sending. Understanding these fees is the first step to managing the costs associated with sending money internationally.

How do Bank Fees Compare to Fees from Money Transfer Services?

International Money Transfer Bank Fees often tend to be higher than those charged by dedicated money transfer services. Typically, banks offer more financial services and incur higher overheads, which can increase the money transfer fees which are often passed on to you. Some of these fees you see upfront, and some are hidden. This means you’ll never truly know the real cost until your recipient gets it. On the other hand, money transfer services provide low fees with no hidden extra fee.

How to Choose a Money Transfer Service

Choosing the right money transfer service involves several factors:

  • Fees and Exchange Rates: Compare the fees and the exchange rates offered. Sometimes a lower fee might be offset by a less favorable exchange rate. And sometimes, there might be hidden fees.
  • Service Speed: Consider how quickly your funds need to arrive. Some services offer faster transfers for a higher fee.
  • Convenience: Look at the ease of use of the service’s platform, including registration, transfer process, and customer support.
  • Reputation and Reliability: Research the provider’s reputation. Read reviews and check their regulatory compliance.
  • Security: Pay attention to the security measures implemented to ensure your identity and funds are safe from theft or fraud.
  • Support: Digital services come with a few issues, so you’ll need to know you have help when you need it to ensure the smooth and seamless money transfer experience.

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Four Types of Money Transfer Fees

When planning to send money, be aware of these four common types of fees:

  1. Flat Fees: Charged per transaction, regardless of the transfer amount.
  2. Variable Fees: These depend on the amount being sent or the method used for funding the transfer.
  3. Exchange Rate Margins: Money transfer services and banks typically add a margin to the exchange rate offered, which can significantly affect the total cost of your transfer.
  4. Additional Charges: These might include fees for using credit cards, receiving money through certain methods, or extra services like expedited transfers.

How to Save Money on Your International Money Transfer Fees

You’ll need to go through the money transfer services available to you and look out for the fees attached to your international transfers. These fees may be transparent or hidden in the exchange rates.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to send money internationally, open a pesa account for free. With your Pesa account, you get access to free transfers with the best rates in the market. Your transfers are transparent so you’re guaranteed your recipient will get exactly what you sent - at no extra cost and in time.

What are Pesa’s Money Transfer Fees?

It’ll cost you exactly $0 to send money to over 30 countries with Pesa. No hidden fees, no surprises. The exchange rates do not have mark-ups and you’ll get to instantly convert and see exactly how much your recipient will receive before you hit the send button. It’s a convenient way to send money abroad.

When you download the app on IOS or Google Playstore and sign in, you can create multi currency wallets to manage your money. This lets you easily and seamlessly convert your currencies without hassle or complications.

So, send money internationally like a local and save when you send with Pesa. Enjoy secure, reliable and free money transfers.

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