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International transfers to China

We’re delighted to unveil our latest offering, aimed at streamlining and enriching your international money transfers to China. At Pesa, we recognize the significance of smooth financial transactions, particularly in supporting your loved ones or conducting business abroad.

Where can I signup to Send Money to China?

Customers residing in Canada, Nigeria and the United Kingdom can signup and send money to China using Pesa.

Who can I send money to?

Prior to making a transfer to China, it’s crucial to confirm the eligibility of your beneficiaries to receive transfers in China. They are eligible to receive transfers from Pesa if they are either a Chinese citizen, Permanent Resident with a FPRID card or a fully registered company or business in China.

Payout methods to China?

All transfers are settled in Chinese Yuan, available currency pairs for payout to China are CAD to CNY, GBP to CNY and NGN to CNY. Pesa supports these payout methods.
1: Alipay App
2: Bank Account

Understanding Receiving/Transfer Limits?

Presently, the receiving limit for transfers is ¥50,000 per transaction. This applies to individuals and Businesses and we are working to make it higher in the near future. By adhering to these guidelines and sticking to the receiving limits, you can effectively receive transfers via Alipay and bank accounts (Yuan/¥) through Pesa.

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