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1 NGN 0.000558659217877 EUR

Transparent Pricing, Zero FEES and Instant or Same Day Delivery for 5000 NGN to EUR transfers.

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How to convert 5000 NGN to EUR using Pesa

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Why use Pesa for 5000 NGN to EUR conversion?

We give you great exchange rates in Nigeria that will compete with any bank. We always show you the cost upfront so you know what you are paying and how much your recipient will be receiving. With us, there are no hidden charges, only fast, cost-effective money transfers. It’s what we do.type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.


Best Exchange Rates

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Enjoy instant or same-day delivery for NGN to EUR money transfers. conversions


Transparent Pricing

Zero costs and No Hidden Fees - on all transactions



We're licenced and regulated. Experience reliable, and secure transfers



Simple, smooth and seamless conversions for Nigerian Naira to Euro - all with the Pesa app

Want to know how much Nigerian Naira you get for every Euro Today?

When you send (₦) Recipient receives (€)
1 NGN 0.00 EUR
5 NGN 0.00 EUR
10 NGN 0.01 EUR
20 NGN 0.01 EUR
30 NGN 0.02 EUR
40 NGN 0.02 EUR
When you send (₦) Recipient receives (€)
50 NGN 0.03 EUR
70 NGN 0.04 EUR
100 NGN 0.06 EUR
150 NGN 0.08 EUR
200 NGN 0.11 EUR
300 NGN 0.17 EUR
400 NGN 0.22 EUR

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We're designing the best way to convert Nigerian Naira to Euro and transfer money across borders with ease and at lightning-fast speed. Zero fees and max convenience!

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